Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Welcome entry Year 2012-13

This blog has been set up with the aim of work and study in a collaborative environment. The idea is that you could select text from the ones listed on the links displayed on the right columns, so that you could be able to add questions to be answered by others. I will begin with a text taken from The Economist:

In 2013, software and IT services firms will have their heads in the clouds. The spread of “cloud computing” will spur investments in flexible, mobile services that are delivered online and charged according to usage. “Big Data” projects will also gather steam as companies in many industries look for insights by sifting through huge volumes of data, a task that requires both whizzy software and bright minds. Global software spending will grow by 6%, almost twice the rate in 2012. IT services will also do well, although growth will be around 3%.

Coders will crank out software for mobile devices. Revenue from apps will grow by more than 50% a year through 2016, according to Juniper Research. Gartner, another research firm, estimates that a staggering 81bn apps will be downloaded in 2013, almost twice as many as in the year before. 

To watch: Something for nothing. In an increasingly crowded market for mobile apps, the “freemium” business model will falter. A tiny fraction of users convert from free to paid versions of apps, so it takes a huge number of downloads to make the economics work, benefiting established brands with marketing muscle. Most developers will either heavily restrict features in free versions of apps or charge outright for downloads.


Now it's you turn... I need someone to make two or three questions about this texts in order to be answered then using the comment options.